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When the biggest evil is a secret, your greatest weapon is your voice.

When Tony’s parents paid for him to attend a Jesuit-run boarding school in England in the 1960s, they thought they were helping him get an education that would set him up for life-long success. They were finally in a financial position to give their son something that was never a consideration when they were growing up.

Little did they realize that from a young lad’s standpoint, boarding school can be hell on Earth. In addition to the culture of bullying and domination of older boys on those who are younger, and in addition to the culture of corporal punishment that was meted out liberally and arbitrarily, there existed (and still exists) an institutional structure in the catholic church that protects sexual predators.

Instead of being nurtured and provided with a liberal education, Tony learned how prey survive when surrounded by danger 24 hours a day. He has the physical and psychological scars to prove it. He is only now beginning to fully realize that he is not alone.

Tony has reached the “advocacy” stage of his journey and is ready to stand up publicly and add his voice to the increasing numbers of men and women who are doing the same. They stand up in courage and in dignity. They are here to tell us of the incredible loss of human potential that childhood sexual abuse has wrought. They are ready to do something so that this evil no longer triumphs.

We view the sexual abuse perpetrated by priests as a natural result of the structure of the catholic church. To allow the church to focus on individual perpetrators absolves them of their responsibility towards the adults whose lives were irreparably damaged by the actions of the institution. The church failed ~and continues to fail ~ in its responsibility to act in loco parentis. It did this by ignoring the problem, and by actively covering up the actions of abusers when they became known.

We are now publicly speaking about Child Sexual Abuse, at least as it has been happening in our organizations. It’s imperative that our community organizations establish and clearly communicate child protection policies and procedures. Loudly. And in plain language.

When Good People provides services to community organizations that work with kids – to help them develop and clearly communicate their position on Child Sexual Abuse and to make it clear to everyone how they will mitigate abuse and what steps will be taken when a claim is made.

About Tony & Beth

About Tony & BethTony Duke – Appraiser of Antiques, writer and historian. Tony has a passion for the stories antiques tell – for him, value is more than a number. Watch for Tony on re-runs of the Canadian Antiques Roadshow. TonyDuke.ca.

Beth Campbell Duke – CampbellDuke Consulting / The Career Tutor. Beth helps small and medium-sized organizations develop policies and procedures. As the Career Tutor, she works with young adults – helping them focus on their strengths and create life/work success. CampbellDuke.com TheCareerTutor.com

Contact Beth: Beth@WhenGoodPeople.org


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